Soup Dumplings @ Shanghai Gate Allston/Brighton Boston, MA

Review of Soup Dumplings @ Shanghai Gate Allston/Brighton Boston, MA

pork belly and i went to shanghai gate for din din last night. we come here pretty often and we love it!!! it is pretty authentic shanghai food even my friend from shanghai agrees!  

we got the regulars:
i have no idea what is this called. i do not think it is on the menu. when i order it i just say the orange beef that comes with the buns.

it is so my favorite dish from shanghai gate! extremely good to eat with the bun!!! there it is with the bun:

the fishy with extra spicy sauce:

very very good to eat with rice!!!!

of course the famous soup dumplings from shanghai! nice and small which how they are supposed to be. not super greasy! taste just right. they are still nothing close to the soup dumplings i had in shanghai, but better than joe’s shanghai for sure!!!

people rave about joe’s shanghai from new york city, but when i went there, it’s soooooo badddd!! the soup dumplings were HUGE!! like buns!! and super greasy. man i thought i was drinking oil straight up. that place is so hyped! well, i went to the one in chinatown, maybe the one in flushing is better? i dont think im even curious to give it try after i had it in chinatown. worst soup dumplings ever had!

shanghai gate is pretty small, so you always have to wait for tables if you come on weekends and some nights. it is family style. the food comes out quickly.
this place gets 4.5/5 bunny belly.

204 Harvard Ave
(between Commonwealth Ave & Brainerd Rd)
Allston, MA 02134

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