Grotto @ Beacon Hill Boston, MA

pork belly and i had been planning to go to menton for our 2nd anniversary forever, but we have been spending too much money recently. pork belly just bought me a mac pro and a flash for my leica. if we go to menton, i def wanna go HAM which means dropping 4+ benjamins with tasting menu and wine paring. so we dediced to put off menton and go somewhere else instead. we picked grotto.

this restaurant is pretty small and cramped, but somewhat comfortable. very dark that i had to use my cellphone light to read the menu. pretty good and speedy service that i dont usually experience at small restaurants like this.

for appetizers we had mussels:

i love mussels, but this was just ok.

ricotta with sausage:

this was actually better than i expected. very creamy and tasty. really liked the cheese!!!!!!

potato gnocchi, short ribs, mushrooms, gorgonzola

this is grotto’s most popular dish. it was actually much better than i expected. the short ribs were super tender.

lobster fra diavolo

i was pretty disappointed with this dish. the lobster wasnt tender. the spicy sauce wasn’t bold and flavorful. it was ok. didnt meet my expectations.

melting chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. this was pretty good and normal tasting.

trio of ice creams: vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. for real? three whole scoops of ice creams?! this looked like a whole meal that can feed an entire family. normal tasting nothing too special.

this place gets 3.8/5 bunny belly

happy 2nd anniversary chea

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