Lonely Takeout @ Sichuan FuLoon Restaurant Malden, MA

****** i no longer come here after my last visit to fuloon last month. the food was garbage, surprisingly not fresh. the meat tasted very old and weird. ******

fuloon is my to go takeout spot besides dominos. their food is pretty decent and somewhat authentic chinese food. i was super hungry tonite and my mom wasnt home so i ordered food from fuloon.

spicy sichuan chicken – pork belly loves loves this dish. he must get this whenever we order food from fuloon.
this is the most authentic spicy sichuan chicken in boston i can find and i have been to pretty much all sichuan restaurants in boston.
tonite it tasted extra spicy.

green beans – i got the non meat version tonight which i didnt like.

food tonite did not taste as good as usual. they took a long time to deliver my food, so my food wasnt so nice and hot anymore. or maybe its jus because pork belly wasnt eating with me 🙁

good nite.

375 Main St
Malden, MA 02148
(781) 388-3338

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