Zaftigs Delicatessen @ Coolidge Corner Boston Brookline, MA

i haven’t been to zaftigs forever that i forgot how shitty their food is. my college friend came to visit me this weekend. i made a 1pm reservation at sportello for lunch, but we failed to wake up for it. we were trying to go to garden at the cellar but still didnt make it because they close at 2:30 for lunch. my friend still wanted brunch and another friend of mine suggested zaftigs. ive been to zaftigs once long time ago and i didnt remember their food to be as bad.

man, one of the worst brunch ive had in my life.


Borscht- disgusting

grapefruit juice. sour and diluted


Eggs Benedict – Two poached eggs and Canadian bacon on an English muffin, Hollandaise
was NOT fresh at all. over cooked eggs, cold/old cheese, hard potatoes. BAD

Empire Eggs -Two poached eggs, spinach, smoked salmon on potato pancakes, Hollandaise
potato pancakes were ridiculously hard. smoked salmon was overly salty and not fresh. over cooked eggs. bad cheese. old fruits.

this place gets 0/5 bunny belly. seriously, just go to mcdonald’s

Categories: Breakfast & Brunch, Delis
335 Harvard St
Brookline, MA 02446
Neighborhood: Coolidge Corner
(617) 975-0075

after the shitty meal we went to the j.p. licks in coolidge corner for some ice cream. yum


Category: Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
311 Harvard St
Brookline, MA 02445
Neighborhood: Coolidge Corner
(617) 738-8252

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