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last sunday, pork belly and i made a day trip to nyc. we were craving for ‘chuan’er’, the lamb skewers, lamb on sticks, lamb bbq, whatever you call it. i ll call it ‘chuan’er’ cuz thats what we call it back home in beijing.

so let’s go.



when we got to flushing, we were so thirsty. stopped by this bubble tea joint. didnt like it. very artificial tasting. in fact, i’ve never had good bubble tea in flushing and ive tried plenty.

so on the way here, we were so worried that the ‘chuan’er’ guy wasn’t out because it was raining outside. it’s a food cart/stand. luckily the rain stopped after we arrived to flushing and the chuan’er guy was there!!!!!!! w0000tttt
yes, we drove all the way to here just to get some chuan’er. crazy no? i grew up eating chuan’er and mcdonalds. that’s pretty much all i was willing to eat when i was a kid. both of my fave food were conveniently located right outside of my elementary school and my parents were too busy to give a shit about me. well they still don’t. i could eat 3 cheese burgers + large fries + sundae + a large milkshake and countless chuan’ers for one meal.
result of that ->

i literally looked like this kid except i wasnt as famous. anyways, i stopped eating mcdonalds except their ice cream cones (sooo goood). im still addicted to chuan’ers. i love it maybe because it makes me feel like home or it’s jus soooo good.

chuan’er guy no.1

dont be fooled by the hat he’s wearing. it’s just a prop. i bet he is not muslim. from his accent i can tell he isnt from xinjiang, but dong bei (very north of china). BUT WHO CARES.





oh man these chuan’ers! sooooooo gooood!!! i’d give 3 michelin stars if i could. the most simple things – meat, seasoning, charcoal can make me the happiest person alive. this is even better than the chuan’er you can get in china. the meat is really juicy, tender, dripping fat oil good, mouth-watering satisfaction. and better quality meat than what you can get in china. although it’s lamb, its not gamey at all. very well marinated so it’s not strong if you can even taste it at all. make sure you get it spicy. $1 each. best $1 you can ever spend besides delish mcdonald’s ice cream cone.


it’s kinda gross that how they store the meat, especially in the summer, but in china, we say the dirtier the tastier. as long as i don’t die from it, im willing to eat whatever that tastes good.


chuan’er guy no. 2






chuan’er guy no. 2 is not as good as chuan’er guy no. 1. it tasted way better last time i had it, but this time was disappointing.

i don’t know their exact address. chuan’er guy no.1 is located right in front of the chase bank. 39th & Main St i believe, but i could be wrong.

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i believe this is chuan’er guy no. 2 -> 41st Ave & Kissena Blvd
Flushing, NY 11355
Neighborhoods: Downtown Flushing, Flushing

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