Hungry Mother & Tatte Fine Cookies & Cakes @ Kendall Square/MIT Cambridge, MA Boston

Review of Hungry Mother & Tatte Fine Cookies & Cakes @ Kendall Square/MIT Cambridge, MA Boston

a friend of mine recently moved to kendall square area so we decided to explore the dinning scene around the area. i picked hungry mother for din din last sunday; was able to get a same day reservation on opentable.

parking wasnt too hard to find, but they do offer validated parking at kendall square cinema garage.


hungry mother consists of three dinning rooms. the room we dined in didnt have much decorations, but i did like the ambience: quiet, intimate.

hungry mother does change their menu a lot. they get the ingredients from farms in and around new english. everything is pretty much made in house.



crispy antebellum grits, beets, wild mushrooms, pickled ramps, sorrel & leek soubise


smoked beef tongue on toast, robinson swiss cheese, dijon, gremolata – bbq flavor, super tender beef tongue, very yum!


pickled florida gulf shrimp, avocado spread – delish



fried chicken




french gnocchi – flavorful, awesome texture, but a bit salty.




i basically loved/liked everything we ordered. everything was very flavorful and well executed; did live up to the hype! we were pretty full after dinner, but next time i ll def try their desserts! one year it was rated as ’10 best american restaurants in the america’. they offer $8 tickets to kendal square cinema if you dine at hungry mother. would be a great date night.

Category: Southern
233 Cardinal Medeiros Ave
Cambridge, MA 02142
Neighborhood: Kendall Square/MIT
(617) 499-0090


my friend bought me a tiramisu from Tatte Fine Cookies & Cakes. pretty good.


Categories: Bakeries, Cafes
318 3rd St
Mid-Cambridge, MA 02142
Neighborhoods: East Cambridge, Kendall Square/MIT
(617) 354-4200


ive been getting a lot questions about my camera and my secrets of taking photos in restaurant/low light settings. yes it is super hard to take good photos at low light settings. most of the time lighting is even nonexistent. this is when a dslr would really make a difference. a decent dslr + low aperture will allow you to take sharp photos at low light settings, but most importantly it’s the magic of photoshop!!!

below is a comparison of two photos, left one straight from the camera and right one after photoshopped. wow i know hehe 🙂

shot with canon 5d mark II with a 50mm 1.8f


i am no where close to professional and ive never taken any photography or photoshop classes, but feel free to ask me any questions about my pix. i’d be more than happy to answer with the very little knowledge i have.

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