Ramen on Steroids @ YumeWoKatare Porter Square Boston, MA (Yume Wo Katare)

porter square’s hugely anticipated ramen shop yumewokatare finally opened up last friday night. my friends and i were super excited and went to check it out.

their current hours are 6pm to 10pm from Tuesday – Saturday. closed on mondays and sundays.


super long line. we expected to wait for an hour but ended up waiting for 2 hours.


yume wo katare means ‘talk to your dream’. the frames on the wall are available to rent so you can share you dreams. owner of the yumewokatareone Tsuyoshi Nishioka owns 5 restaurants in japan. one of his dreams was to take his business international and he would like to see everyone else’s dreams come true as well.

while we were waiting in line in the cold, Nishioka’s friends were there to explain the concept of the restaurant and menu. they were really friendly and funny people. we had a lot of fun talking to them. you can also buy one of their tshirts for $15. i would consider it if they were selling something like scarfs?


this is their entire menu. either 2 slices of pork or 5 with your ramen. same soup, same veggies, same pork, nothing fancy, easiest choice you can ever make, i love that.


yumewokatare’talk to your dream’ in japanese


you have to purchase your ticket before sitting down and they will take ur ticket when you are served.


wall of dreams. i guess my purpose in life is to just eat hehehehe. what could possibly be a better purpose huh




haha looking at me all smiling




Tsuyoshi Nishioka making ra-men!




ra-men is finally served. this bowl of ramen is def not your typical ramen. look at all that pork and fatttttt. pork on pork on pork hahah. the pork is super tasty and tender. broth is really heavy, satisfying, and flavorful. the guy sat next to me was ‘moaning’ at the entire time while eating like he was reaching an orgasm. i guess he really enjoyed his bowl of ramen huh.

before they serve you your ramen, Tsuyoshi Nishioka would ask you ‘ninniku iremasuka’ which means if you want garlic. i love garlic of course id love some. my friend tingting copied me and said ‘hai’ as well, but she didnt want it. she gave all her garlic to me. yay double garlic for me!!!!!


love love love the texture of the noodles. al dente. very chewy and firm jus how i like it. <3 all ramen is made in house. the flour is imported directly from japan.




this is how i did. i wolfed down the entire bowl of ramen in like 15 mins. i finished all except for the pork fat and the soup. i was super stuffed after it and thought i would probably take a break before i revisit due to the heaviness and oiliness, but i started to crave for it the second day. this is your ramen on steroids… with crack… hahahha


at the end of the night. they give you a banana. i guess thats desserts? why in heck would i eat a banana for desserts esp the ramen was super super heavy and filling already. anyways, its nice of them i guess.

model – my friend, Jay Liu. he’s def rockin it.


yea we had wayyy too much fun with the bananas

i absolutely loved their concept. so simple straightforward. just straight up good food. no pretentiousness and unnecessary choices. we are given too many choices in life and i really enjoy the no-brainer experience. i guess you can leave all the thinking to your dreams.

great great place for a slurp. bring friends, bring scarfs and ur moncler jackets, bring cash, bring napkins (yea i didnt find any napkins), bring mouthwash, and you are good to go!

yume wo katare also participated in the street ramen contest yesterday in new york city and i went to check it out as well. stay tuned for pictures of the event.

hope everyone had a great weekend eating good food!

Category: Japanese
1925 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
Neighborhood: Porter Square

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