Istanbul’lu @ Somerville, MA Boston

Istanbul’lu @ Somerville, MA Boston


Istanbul’lu is a turkish joint in somerville. im so behind on my posts and i have already been here twice before writing up this reviews.


i have mixed feelings about this place. the first time i went, EVERYTHING WAS SO AWESOME. i LOVED this homemade bread with the red peper sauce. the bread was WARM, so yummmmm with the dipping sauce. the 2nd time i went, the bread was still good but COLD which made such a big difference.


famous for their yogurt drink. pretty tasteless and a lil salty but i guess thats how it is supposed to be.

its been so long and i forgot what this was.

sigara borek – pan fried special dough filled with feta cheese, parsley, and egg yolk mix. crispy and cheesy, i like.

imam bayildi – baby eggplant stuffed with sauteed vegetables like green pepper, onion.
beyti kebab – famous traditional turkish village style kebab, ground lamb mixed with bell pepper, garlic, and turkish spices. cooked in the oven and wrapped in lavas bread, topped with special tomato sauce and yogurt. served with coban salad.

very flavorful but kinda salty. im not a big fan of ground meat.

yogurt kebab- adana kebab over sauteed cubed buttered turkish bread. topped with special tomato sauce and yogurt.

kofte plate – kofte is a very famous dish in the region. ground meat, mixed with chopped onions and spices, bread crumbs, served with roasted veggies, rice, potatoes, and yogurt.


kuru fasuyle – turkish white beans cooked with lams and tomato sauce. very popular in turkish households, rich and poor, everyone’s favorite. served with rice and yogurt.

veggie delight – eggplant puree prepared in a turkish style. topped with sauteed vegetables

i still liked this place a lot despite the little disappointment from the second visit. food is good in general, i would avoid the ground meat if you are not a big fan of salty meat. i really wanted to try patates kofte which is cooked potatoes mixed with garlic feta cheese and spices stuffed with sauteed ground meat, onions, pan cooked and topped with yogurt, but they were out of it BOTH TIMES. umm maybe its a indication of amazingness.


Category: Turkish
237 Holland St
Somerville, MA 02144
Neighborhood: Teele Square
(617) 440-7387

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