Valentine’s Day Dinner | Puritan & Company | Inman Square Cambridge, MA Boston

Valentine’s Day Dinner | Puritan & Company | Inman Square Cambridge, MA Boston


this was pork belly and i’s 1st vday together after he moved to boston. i was not familiar with the vday restaurant scene because we never celebrated together before since he lived 10 hours away. i really dont care much about vday; im happy as long as i get my white roses, but since now we are together, its a perfect occasion to go out to eat right? NO.

puritan & co. is a relatively new restaurant in inman square. i wanted to check it out cuz i heard a few good things about it. pork belly made a reservation a month in advance with puritan & co. so a few days ago before vday, i went on their website to check out their menu and doing some research like i always do. i saw this valentine’s day Prix Fixe menu on their website. i opened it up and my heart dropped. the menu looks so cliche jus like valentine’s day itself. i felt like i was reading a restaurant week menu. there were a few specific things on their regular menu i really wanted to try like the lamb and duck cuz i heard they only have certain dishes that are good. i made pork belly to call the restaurant immediately to ask if the regular menu available, do we have to get the vday prix fixe menu. they said yes if sit at a table you have to order the vday prix fixe, but you can order a la carte if you sit at the bar. ok so whatever, it was too late to get any other reservations, so i ll deal with seating at the bar as long as i can order off regular menu.


on vday when we walked in, the host told us that by ordering a la carte, they meant ordering a la carte from the vday menu, not the regular menu. my heart dropped again. they didnt make any effort to inform us that there would be a diff menu for vday when they called us to confirm the reservation. even when we found out ourselves and called in, there was a miscommunication. pork belly expressed clearly that we didnt like the vday menu when he called, we still didnt get a legit answer. if i knew this, i wouldve gone to a totally different restaurant.

when im forced to get the prix fixe menu, it reminds me of meals on flights. ‘would you like chicken or beef’ a voice of a flight attendant would be in the back of my head. not to mention their menu looked super cliche. items like seared bass, pork chop, and grilled beef? can it get more cliche than that?

we were disappointed, but still sat down. at least they apologized and be polite about it.

the restaurant was really dark; my photos didnt come out as nice as i wanted them to due to non-existent lighting.




st. urbans hof riesling | house beer

the bread was my fave thing of the night. nice and fluffy while still has this chewy, firm texture. loved it.


the prix fixe menu is $75pp. on top of that, it’s $40 extra to get the seafood tower.
1/2 doz. oyster, 4 shrimp cocktail, 4 bay scallops, ceviche
totally not worth it but whatever, since we are out we might as well jus go HAM. the scallops were sandy and the ceviche was a bit fishy.



steamed egg

nantucket bay scallop crudo
meyer lemon, brown butter, horseradish
again, sandy scallops. disappointment.


assiette of duck charcuterie
chaud froid with black-eyed peas, mustard
duck was a lil bit salty and dry, but overall still kinda tasty


lobster bisque
uni toast, savory granola
another disappointment. very salty. overpowered all the nice flavors that lobsters have.


winter vegetable salad
yogurt cheese, dill oil
it didnt look appetizing so i didnt touch it.


grilled wagyu beef
potato mousseline, hay-roasted vegetables, bordelaise
this was good comparing to other dishes we got. beef is relatively tender. well cooked, and has a nice texture to it.


seared bass
ragout of heirloom beans, vegetables, citrus nage
nothing special about this dish. you cant really make bass taste bad honestly. i would never get seared bass at a restaurant, but i didnt have many choices.


i forgot the names of the desserts. pork belly didnt really like both of them. i thought they were ok.
this one was really sweet, but i liked the texture, and the sourness of the grapefruit balanced off the sweetness. (the sweetness could make the grapefruit tastes more sour tho)


i also liked the texture of this dessert. something butter i forgot



anyways, i really didnt want to hate too much on puritan & co. since they were nice and polite about everything and i wanna give them credits for their efforts. i really liked the ambience, very laid-back and cozy. the meal lasted 2 hours due to slow service, but i dont wanna blame them i understand that its a busy night. the food was very disappointing and overpriced. i dont really mention about prices on my blog cuz good food is pretty much worth anything, but the total came to $280. for this kinda food? no thank you! as much as i would like to try their lamb and duck, i dont know if i would wanna take another chance. i dont know if most restaurants have this kinda prix fixe menu on vdays to make things easier for them. if thats the case, pork belly and i decided to stay in for future vdays after our 1st vday experience.

pork belly bought me flowers yay. unfortunately they messed up his order and the roses are red :'(

im still happy tho 



♥♥♥♥♥♥ thanks pork belly for being so sweet and generous. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ i still had a great vday.

hope you guys all had a great vday.

share with me some of your bad/good dinning experiences on vday!

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