Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse | Back Bay | Boston, MA

i jus wanted to do a quick pictureless review on Fogo de Chão. i didnt bring my camera and my phone died on me. yea one of those days. sorry guys!

anyway, i went to fogo de chão for dinner. its a brazilian steakhouse in back bay. they have locations across the nation. very professional staff and very well organized restaurant. i was pretty impressed by how good the service was. very attentive, professional, and accommodating. the restaurant is very well organized. everything is well designed for a smooth/pleasure dinning experience. everything is sparkling clean. i rarely see wine glasses this sparkling clean at restaurants.

the food was not bad per se. im not a red meat person, so i probably couldnt appreciate the meat as much. plus, i was hungover with the worst headache ever, had no sleep the night before. they do have a variety of meat to choose from. like most brazilian bbq places, the gauchos come around to your table and slice the meat for you right at your table. nothing really interested me at the salad bar. none of the meat i had was spectacular tho especially for the price. i think i liked the lamb better than the steaks. its probably just my personal preferences. i couldnt get enough of the caramelized plantains and cheese bread tho. it’s all you can eat meat, but they charge extra for desserts and drinks. they also have a pretty extensive selection of wine. i forgot which wine we got, but i really didnt like it.

bottom line:
great for groups and a pleasant dining experience, but the food itself is underwhelming for the price you pay. maybe lunch would be a better deal. i dont think i will return tho.

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sorry again for no pix. at least i get to polish up my shitty writings no?

Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse
Categories: Brazilian, Steakhouses
200 Dartmouth St
(between Blagden St & Huntington Ave)
Boston, MA 02116
Neighborhood: Back Bay
(617) 585-6300

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