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highly anticipated Bronwyn opened up in Union Square last night. we were lucky enough to get a reservation. i am a huge fan of t.w. food in cambridge. bronwyn is wiechmann and her husband’s new venture. i was super excited for the german wurst and bier meaning sausage and beer in german.


the bar opens til 1am

we sat in the back room, a european feel.

i like the chairs

couple beers were sold out already by the time we got there around 830pm

Ayiner – hefeweizen

i was in love with this grapefruit beer. i usually dont like fruit beers, but this one was really good.


house made sausages: not overly salty and very well flavored.

Bierwurst – pork, egg, spice.

Kielbasa – coriander, garlic, pork

Smoked Soft Shell Crab grilled chestnut, red onion relish, cucumber sauce

Knödel bacon bread dumpling, fiddlehead purée – i didnt really taste the bacon tho

Biernudeln dark beer pasta, artichoke, mustard, blue cheese
somehow i misread the dark beer pasta as deer pasta, so i was expecting deer meat at the entire time. -_-

Jagerschnitzel thin veal schnitzel, foraged mushrooms, walnuts, honey
i really liked this dish.

Oat-honey Challah, Rye Roggenbrot, Bauernbrot, juniper-sesame crisp, butter, sea salt

chocolate cake – i liked the richness of the chocolate, but i found the cake was a lil bit too floury

since it was our first time there, we wanted to sample a variety of dishes. although everything we had was FANTASTIC, i would probably skip the pasta, desserts and some of the starters next time. they have an extensive list of german beer and wine. i would come in for drinks and order bunch of their house made sausages and maybe a pretzel if im super hungry. just now as im writing up this post, i realized i didnt try any of the rieslings!!! i freaking love german riesling. ughhhhhhhhhhhhh how could i not try any?! service was awesome, fast, and accommodating! cant wait to return to try their riseling and more beer!


255 Washington St
Somerville, MA 02143

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