Cold & Hot Ramen | Inaka | Allston Boston, MA

went to check out inaka on a cold rainy day.



we started with ebi hokkaiyaki – baked shrimp, enoki mushrooms, kani, spicy mayo, and cheese on a scallop shell.

seriously, ebi reaaaallly? cheap version of hotate hokkaiyaki. why you put shrimps on a scallop shell and why cheese? def not worth the 10 bux

i wasnt 100% in the mood for cold noodles on a cold rainy day, but i thought this would be a nice summer item to blog about so i forced myself to order it.
w o r s t idea ever!

kiyashi chuka – cold noodle with slices of pork, shirmp, egg, cucumber, seweed in a sweet vinaigrette sauce

these are not legit ramen noodles you would expect. skinny, soft, more like chinese noodles. it tasted jus like korean cold noodles. wayyy too sweet for me. cold and super sweet, my stomach wasnt too happy after i wolfed the whole bowl down.


yakibuta ramen – soy sayce flavored broth with roasted pork, nori, vegetables.

fully cooked egg?

roasted pork was nothing special, no where close to yume wo katare 

same skinny soft noodles absolutely no texture

im sorry i wasnt impressed with my meal at inaka. the waiter at inaka was super nice and tried really hard to please. yes, i do feel bad for not liking the food, but my body cant lie 🙁

do give them a try on a hot summer day tho if you dont mind the sweetness of the broth and softness of the noodles.

Category: Japanese
72 Brighton Ave
(between Chester St & Reedsdale St)
Boston, MA 02134
Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton
(617) 562-1668

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