WOW BARBECUE Food Truck: Lamb Skewers finally came to boston! 羊肉串儿!

WOW BARBECUE Food Truck: Lamb Skewers finally came to boston! 羊肉串儿!


daymmmmn lamb skewers! where do i even start? ive eaten more lamb skewers than anything else in my life. i pretty much grew up on lamb skewers cuz they are everywhere in beijing where i grew up and they are ridiculously delicious!!!!!! lamb and cumin are in my blood. they are the perfect example of simple food tastes more delicious than any tasting menus. id pick lamb skewers any day anytime over anything else if they were easily accessible. the lamb skewers in flushing, ny are mind BLOWING.  they are the tenderest, juiciest lamb skewers ive ever had in my recent memories.take a bite of the juicy lamb and wash down with a beer, im in heaven. we have driven to nyc jus for the lamb skewers a few times, worth every gallon of gas!!!!

there are couple lamb skewers places in boston, but not even close to the real thing. lamb skewers should be grilled on charcoal like this:


but the ones @ One of the Kind and Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe are deep fried which are so not right. the meat is dry, totally lost the juicy and tenderness.

anyhow, boston finally got its first lamb skewer 羊肉串 truck i was SO excited about!

introducing the WOW BARBECUE 无二烤肉

it was their grand opening yesterday, so far they only have lamb on the menu (which i only care about). they will be slowly adding more items to the menu if you are looking for more options.


non spicy 羊肉串儿, although they werent grilled on charcoal, i’d say the flavors are solid and on point. it wouldve been perfect if the meat was tenderer and juicier, i was still pretty satisfied with the lamb skewers.

the spicy ones. more flavorful than the original flavor. def get this if you can handle a little spiciness.

they did well considering it was their 1st day. i hope they do well and show boston how delicious the food from my hometown is. keep up with the hard work and i ll def visit soon again!

their locations are:
Boston Chinatown: Mon – Sun 3pm – 9pm + Thur, Sat, Sun 10am – 3pm
BU Bridge: Tue, Wed 10am – 3pm
NEU: Fri 10am – 3pm

follow their facebook for updates:

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