Feng Mao 2 Mutton Kebab | Koreatown, Wilshire Center Los Angeles, CA


feng mao is a korean/chinese kebab/lamb skewers/yang rou chuan/bbq joint located in koreatown in LA. there are two locations in LA. the owners were from jilin province in china which located in northeastern of china that borders north korea. there’s a huge korean community especially in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture which forms Chaoxianzu or Joseonjok, one of the 56 ethnicities officially recognized by the Chinese government. they speak both mandarin chinese and korean which you can hear at feng mao.



they have an extensive selection of skewers and you grill them at your table.


by extensive selection, i meant they even serve bull penis which doesnt have too much taste on its own and chewy, kind of gelatinous. it can get pretty crazy what chinese people eat. sometimes, chinese ppl eat stuff not for the flavors. there’s a word in chinese called ‘以形补形’ meaning if one eats an organ of a animal, then it will be good for the corresponding organ in one’s body. pretty sure its not scientifically proven just like the rest of the stuff chinese ppl do, but that’s how we eat.

quail- super tender and juicy when grilled right.

onmyeon – spicy noodle soup, slurp down well with the skewers

chicken, lamb, beef – i preferred the beef and the lamb.

overall very tasty skewers, i’d def be a regular if i lived in LA. if you are nervous about grilling yourself, they can def grill them for you.

Feng Mao Mutton Kebab
Categories: Korean, Chinese
414 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Neighborhoods: Koreatown, Wilshire Center
(213) 388-9299

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