Snappy Sushi Ramen Bar | Back Bay Boston, MA

Snappy Sushi Ramen Bar | Back Bay Boston, MA


pork belly came visit me during lunch so went to grab some ramen at snappy sushi. now they have a ramen bar that serves ramen and some steamed buns.

BLT steamed bun – bacon, roasted tomato, mozzarella, fried onions, lettuce, wasabi, mayo, dijon mustard vinegar.

miso with pork char siu – miso, butter, garlic oil, scallions, corn, shiitake mushroom, baby arugula, shichimi togarashi
January 10, 2014-IMG_8645-2-2

the pork wasnt nearly as good as the roasted pork udon/ramen from douzo few blocks away. it was porky and NOT juicy and tender.

spicy lobster paitan ramen – butter-steamed lobster tail, anchovy soy sauce, red hot miso, shichimi togarashi, leek, kimchee, wood ear mushroom, baby arugula
January 10, 2014-IMG_8649-2

tasted like a light seafood broth but had no depth. they use sun noodle just like most ramen shops in boston.

i wouldnt come back again for ramen. i highly recommend roasted pork udon from douzo in the area for much better pork and cheaper price.

*all pix were taken with iphone

Snappy Sushi
Categories: Sushi Bars, Japanese
108 Newbury St
(between Clarendon St & Dartmouth St)
Boston, MA 02116
Neighborhood: Back Bay
(617) 262-4530

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