Men Oh Tokushima Ramen | Little Tokyo Los Angeles, CA

Men Oh Tokushima Ramen | Little Tokyo Los Angeles, CA

The Porkbelly Cali trip continues…. The stop for this day is Men Oh Ramen, I.e 麵王 which translate into Ramen King….. We’ll see if it is…

My friends asked if I wanted to try Men Oh, a Ramen joint in little Tokyo specializing in Tokushima Ramen, which is known for their pork….There was no line, so that is a plus!

May 13, 2014-IMG_0536-2

The Restaurant is pretty cozy, there was no line, we opted to sit at the bar to be closer to the action.

May 13, 2014-IMG_0540-2

May 13, 2014-IMG_0546

I was Hungryyyyy since I worked that day (remember I’m on a business trip). So I ordered an additional Tokushima Don with my meal

Tokushima Don
stir-fried pork, bamboo shoots, shredded seaweed, green onions, red ginger over rice
May 13, 2014-IMG_0571-2

We ordered karaage for everyone to share, it tasted like standard karaage, it came with a kew-pie dipping sauce. My friend told me they used to have a dope green dipping sauce, they don’t offer it anymore though.

japanese-style fried chicken
May 13, 2014-IMG_0590

My friend got the Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen
kurobuta pork-bone soup with salt-based seasoned, the style of fukuoka, japan, straight, thin noodles. toppings: chashu (simmered pork), bamboo shoots, green onions, kikurage (cloud ear mushroom), red ginger, seasoned boiled egg and seaweed

May 13, 2014-IMG_0623

I got the house special, the Tokushina Ramen with deluxe toppings. The soup was lukewarm when I got it, so that is always a turn off to me. The broth if decent but nothing spectacular. I didn’t hate it, but it seemed very average to me….

Tokushima Ramen

tonkotsu-shoyu ramen, the regional style of tokushima, japan rich homemade kurobuta pork-bone soup, seasoned with soy sauce. straight, medium-thick noodles. toppings: butabara (stir-fried pork belly), chashu (simmered pork), bamboo shoots, green onions and seasoned boiled egg. deluxe toppings: standard topping and kimchi, karamoyashi, horenso, kikurage, seaweed

May 13, 2014-IMG_0650
May 13, 2014-IMG_0657-2

Always need that noodle money shot, the noodles are good.

May 13, 2014-IMG_0671

Overall Men Oh is a pretty standard Ramen joint. I thought the food was average, especially with the influx of new Ramen restaurants opening up everywhere. As the problem with a lot of places, I wish the broth was hotter, temperature makes a huge difference with Ramen! I would recommend coming here if the line at Daikokuya is way too long. The broth is extremely heavy, if you are hungry definitely come here. Parking is easy to find since it is in the Honda shopping plaza right across from Sushi Gen. Till next time, keep slurping friends.

Men Oh Tokushima Ramen
456 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Little Tokyo, Downtown
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