Florence, Italy | Fiorenza | EURO-ASIA TRIP PART 3

Florence, Italy | Fiorenza | EURO-ASIA TRIP PART 3

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Hi all! Super long overdue post and EXTREMELY PHOTO HEAVY!!!!!!!!!! We went on this trip early last year and 2016 is already on the way out. After spending a few days in Venice went took a train over to Florence. Before we head over to Florence proper we stopped by Pisa….too see the leaning tower of Pisa.  Bunny’s dad recommended me check it out.  We’ll cover more about Pisa in a separate post. Florence is a historic city with a slower vibe than Venice, which is more of a tourist destination. Florence feels like a city Italian people actually live at.

We took the train in from Pisa and stored our baggage away at the baggage holder in the station since we were too early to check into our hotel. At this point we were starving and we didn’t know where to eat…. so we turned to trip advisor and found a spot nearby.  Typically I don’t like trip advisor since they take you to the biggest tourist traps, but I feel like Italy’s major cities are tourist traps and we don’t know any locals.


Trattoria Enzo E Piero……it’s amazing how this place has been around since 1931.

A Trattoria is an Italian-style eating establishment, it’s informal, almost home style.

I felt like I was eating in someone’s home

We were starving at this point…The bread came and was delicious, maybe we were just hungry.

Of course, this being Italy we had a small charcuterie plate.  During my entire Italy trip I definitely overdosed on Salumi, I had it for pretty much every breakfast at the hotel or on the road.

This lamb dish is delicious.

Pasta was Al dente and tasted fresh! No instant freeze dried noodles here!

Bunny had a cappuccino for a dessert…. they looked at us puzzled since Italians typically don’t drink cappuccinos after meals.

After the meal we took in the sights and sounds of Florence.

This church stuck out and the crowds got bigger and bigger as we walked closer

It turns out it is the Florence Cathedral

Giotto’s Campanile

We ended up in the main plaza of the city at the Piazza del Duomo

This lady wasn’t too happy with me taking pictures of her…. Since we use manual focus lenses, it takes some patience to get street shots like this…..She is just getting ready to yell at me in this picture

For myself, it’s rare to see carousels like this….. I can’t remember seeing one outside a mall in America.


All this walking around was making us hungry, what a surprise….. We stopped for some Gelato.

All the Gelato flavors laid out.

I got the pistachio and I can’t remember what bunny got….. It was perfect break from our walk, and the Gelato was delicious.

Monks monkeying around.

The Uffizi Gallery we didn’t go in, the line was crazy and we HATE long lines.

Loggia dei Lanzi

After the Uffizi Gallery we ended up in the Galleria dell’Accademia

Lot’s of statues of naked dudes in various forms.

Ponte Vecchio

After our day of wandering around and taking in Florence.  We went back to the station to grab our luggage and catch a shuttle to our hotel.  This took much longer than we thought since the hotel told us to meet them at ramp 5.  I walked around for 1-2 hours before I could finally find ramp 5 which was allllll the way in the rear of the station.  There weren’t maps anywhere in the station and the security guards were no help.

See you guys next post! I promise it won’t take a year to post!



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