Pisa, Italy | Pisa | EURO-ASIA TRIP PART 4

Pisa, Italy | Pisa | EURO-ASIA TRIP PART 4

Part 4 of our Euro-Asia trip we took last year. If you are new to the site, welcome and check our Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this series. I told you this wouldn’t take a year to post!

We visited the town of Pisa on the way to Florence. Pisa is an hour away from Florence and on Bunny’s dad’s recommendation we decided to scope it out. Bunny’s dad studied in Italy during his younger years, which was rare for Chinese people to do back in the day, we has very found memories of Italy.

We left Venice early in the morning. We had to catch the first water boat of the day to the train station. It really felt like the entire town of Venice was waking up.

We booked the first train out to Florence.  From Florence, we were going to take the local train to Pisa.  While waiting for the train we decided to check out the “rest stop” inside the train station.  I was blown away, they had a full Deli and Cafe inside this train rest stop.  The Deli looked extremely fresh with the workers actually slicing up the meat and offering delicious looking Charcuterie and the cafe offered espressos and cappuccinos, not your average 7-11 variety stale coffee.  This is worlds different than the fast food offered at most rest stops.  Amazing how you can receive a gourmet meal at a place as simple as a train station.  Europeans really have a greater understanding of food compared to their North American counter parts.

I ordered up this simple Salami sandwich from the deli.  The bread is perfectly toasted and tasted fresh.  I saw the worker actually slice up the salami from a sausage, not peel it out from a pre-packaged individually wrapped industrial bag.   I have to say it again, I am amazed bythe quality of food you can get at simple places like a train station and it was really cheap!

We bought all of our train tickets beforehand online.  Here, we are looking over our tickets.

The Train to Florence

The train is clean and spacious

On the train, there is a small area for luggage.  When traveling on these trains during peak hours, this luggage area can become full, and that leaves you in an awkward situation of having to leave your luggage in the middle of the aisle…..and the Italians aren’t afraid to glare a dirty look, ask how we know.

For our tickets to Pisa from Florence, we purchased it from this ticket machine.  The machine has many language options, it’s easy for tourists to navigate.

The local train to Pisa

A quick video I made of the “Italian Country Side”

Not many locals go to Pisa, most people on the train were tourists.

The very Italian skyline of Pisa

You walk over very Florence-esque rivers and bridges on the way to the tower.

From the train station, you can either walk or take a bus.  We decided to walk, it is about a 30min walk to the famous leaning tower.  Along the way we were thirsty so we stopped at a local store for a drink.  We decided on this Coca-Cola light, most likely because the can design was cool.

It seems to be a design collaboration with Moschino.  The Coke tasted like Coke Zero.  I do not recommend this.

Upon arrival at the famous leaning tower, you can see people in various positions, such as this particular pose…..

As you can see, most people participated.

I like taking pictures of people taking pictures of people posing…..

The Leaning Tower of Pisa in all it’s glory.  You can buy a ticket to go to the top of the tower, it’s around $35 a person.  You can even book the tickets in advance online before you go.  We opted not to go up and save our money for delicious food.

Next to the tower there is a museum and a small church.  These also require ticket purchases.

That’s pretty much it from this town…..

Closer up.

The Church next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Last picture of the tower……. To be Honest, we were not that impressed…. Yes, it is a leaning tower and that’s all this town has to offer.  Our advice for new comers, I would be to skip this attraction, the time can be spent elsewhere.

Touristy restaurants line the street on the way to the Tower.  The workers outside the restaurants hold menus trying to lure you into the restaurants.  You know you sometimes you just know a bad tasting, overpriced tourist restaurant when you see it, and you can tell without trying their food…..these were definitely it.

Not many cars on the road in this town…

Back in Florence, we’re ready to rock.

The first thing we noticed at the Florence station is their McDonalds….. interesting menu.

It’s interesting how you can gauge on one cultures’ perception of another culture by their McDonald’s menu….

This is it for our Pisa Italy coverage. As a recap, we would skip this going to Pisa since the train tickets to Pisa from Florence weren’t exactly cheap and all the town has is a leaning tower with people in poses with their hands out, we were unimpressed….  The restaurants looked like your typical run of the mill restaurants serving chicken fingers for tourist…. Stay tuned for our next stop in Italy!



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