Murakami Sushi | Los Angeles, California

Murakami Sushi | Los Angeles, California

Hey all, I’m still catching up with a bunch of posts from spots we’ve eaten at.

Murakami Sushi is in Los Angeles, located off of Melrose, finding parking here at night is seriously difficult.  I had to park a few blocks over, I circled the area 2-3 times before I gave up and parked further out.  They serve your normal variety of Sushi here, Nigari sushi off all types, typical sushi rolls, but what people come here for is the make it yourself Sushi Bowls.  You can choose from typical pre-assembled sets or make-your-own.  It was a Saturday night and this place was packed! We waited around 20-30min for a seat which is not long since we came later in the evening.

I went with a Sapporo beer to go with my Sashimi bowl.

The place is pretty small…

They are a few tables, or you can sit at the bar.

The wall has pictures of various places in Japan.  It looks like most of these pictures are from the Osaka area.

Chef at work

We made a bowl with Salmon, Tuna, Uni, and salmon roe

zuke-don – tuna tossed in a sweet soy sauce with green onion

In the little bowl there is a special garlic soy sauce we ordered…..

Murakami Sushi is decent.  The fish taste fresh.  The Sashimi bowls are a good price, around $20 for a bowl.  Each person was full from their bowl of Sashimi.  The wait times are insane, especially if you come during peak hours, be prepared to wait 1 hour or longer.  The parking is equally extreme, there is no parking in this area since it shares the famous Melrose strip with other establishments.

BNPB rating: ♥♥♥

♥ terrible, ♥♥ below average, ♥♥♥ average, ♥♥♥♥ good, ♥♥♥♥♥ excellent



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