Creme Bee | Alhambra, CA

Due to the success of Honey Mee, there have been numerous soft-serve-honey-comb offshoots popping up all over the place and where else would they open up one no other than the heavily Chinese populated town of Alhambra.   We decided to check this place out because it’s local to where we live……

Honey Mee, meet the Creme bee

Organic Milk Frozen Yogurt… It’s off of the main strip in Alhambra, on Main St.  Located near popular dining establishments like Boiling Crab and Gen Korean BBQ.

Display of the ice cream that can be seen from the street.

They offer a large variety of toppings compared to Honey Mee.

There are a few displays of this particular Cotton Candy topped Ice cream all over the store.

Since I was comparing this to Honey Mee.  I went for their soft-serve ice cream with the honey comb.  The honey comb is essentially wax, so it’s like eating wax after you licked all the honey off of it, which is the same as Honey Mee.  The real difference is that ice cream itself.

The ice cream seemed more watery compared to Honey Mee and did not have the same density.

Like most places that pop up trying to replicate the current trends, it fails to hit the mark.  Creme Bee is a viable substitute for Honey Mee if you are not near one.  The only advantage it has over Honey Mee is the choice of toppings and if you would like a Cotton candy on top of your ice cream.

Creme Bee
137 W Main St,
Alhambra, CA 91801

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