Marugame Monzo | Little Tokyo | Los Angeles, CA

Marugame Monzo | Little Tokyo | Los Angeles, CA

Move over Daikokuya, I’ve been wanting to try this Udon place for awhile now. There is nothing better than hand-made noodles, the texture, the chewiness, the bounce, all of these cannot be replicated when using dried noodles from a package. I was happy to hear that Marugame Monzo makes their own udon on the spot. Coming from the east coast, especially Boston and Washington DC, they are no Udon shops that make their own noodles, typically, they go the cheap route and use prepackaged Udon.

Marugame Monzo is all about timing.  You have to come here at the right time or else you’ll be stuck in a very long time.  Don’t fear if you see a line from a distance, it might be the line for Daikokuya, which always has a line.  I don’t know why really…. More on that in a separate post.

Unassuming store front.

Upon entering, this is the first thing you will notice.  A man making the udon by hand.  It’s non-stop since I always see him working when I come in and leave.

Rolling out the dough.

Getting ready to cut it up.

All cut up and stretched out to create the noodles.

They offer various types of Udon, soup, tempura,  cold, and more .

Seven Spice Powder (Shichimi Togarashi)

Sometimes you slurp the noodles until there is nothing left…. this guy in the blue was searching for his soul in the bowl.

I have a slight Calpico Soda Addiction

Plum Shiso Bukkake Udon (Yes, I know you are thinking that too…..):
Bunny went for a Plum Udon, she liked everything about this dish besides the plum….the plum was too sour for her taste.  If you guys like sour, I would go for this dish.

Great dish for a cold day, especially the middle of summer or.

Plum Shiso Bukkake Udon comes with this dipping sauce.  It’s a soy sauce based sauce

It comes with a side of grated Daikon

Pour the special soy sauce over the cold udon.

Sea Urchin Cream Udon:
I went for the Sea Urchin Cream Udon.  Since Udon is relatively thick and dense, I don’t think it’s suited for the cream which would be better in an Italian pasta dish.  I’m actually not that big a fan of cooked uni, I think it is best in a raw form.

The ingredients all tasted fresh.  There is fish roe to top it all off on top of  a Shiso leaf30207850265_82878e0f7b_b.

Cold Udon with Grated Daikon and Special Soy Sauce:
A cold Udon dish that is very refreshing.  The symphony of scallions, grated daikon, seaweed, topped with a shiso leaf and fish roe, all complemented each other.  Like the Plum Udon, we pour the special soy sauce into Udon as we are eating it.  The main notes of flavor is the Daikon, Soy Sauce, and scallions.

Tempura udon:
The tried and true tempura Udon.  A basic Udon broth with perfectly fried Tempura shrimp.  Light broth with the perfect Tempura Shrimp texture contrast.

Soy dipping sauce and chopped up Nagaimo.

Crispy crispy tempura

Overall, I’m a big fan of Marugame Monzo.  The line can get long, so come here around 6pm and you won’t have to wait.  I’ll say it again, nothing beats handmade noodles!  This place is a truly a gem in Little Tokyo.

Marugame Monzo
329 E 1st St,
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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