UNIBOIL | Monterey Park | Los Angeles, CA

UNIBOIL | Monterey Park | Los Angeles, CA

We’re kind of addicted to Boiling Point (post coming soon, I swore I put it up a post, but I guess not), by kind of addicted we mean we go once every week and we have their stamp card…… For Christmas we will take boiling point gift cards, thank you very much……

Since we love Boiling Point so much, we thought we would try the knockoffs in the area.  I’ve driven past this Uniboil many times.  The restaurant is never full, and gives off the vibe of an okay spot.  Boiling Point always seems to have a decent wait when we go.

Located in Atlantic Times square, a small Chinese shopping center with an AMC that also plays Chinese movies…..

Once we were seated, we were presented with this menu…..

You can choose your broth and type of meat.

Like Boiling Point, you can choose pre-made pots

Not only do they serve hotpot here, they have a side hustle selling cell phone chargers!

Restaurant was half full

Lots of cellphone chargers for sale…..this  cheapens the dining experience for me….To me it feels like the restaurant is not doing well so they have to hustle and sell phone chargers.

Sauces, they have a garlic soy sauce just like boiling point, but it tastes just like soy sauce with garlic bits in it, not like the sweet garlic soy sauce they have at Boiling point.

Left to right, Chilli, Garlic Soy Sauce, Satay Sauce, Spicy Sauce…..

I like how they have the pour-it-yourself water here.  At Boiling point, I’m always asking for water refills since they tend to drop off water at the beginning of the meal and never come back to refill.

Korean movie videos were playing on a loop the entire time.  I found out that BOA still makes music….

The Uniboil cooking contraption, not as holey as the Boiling Point one and this is made out of wood, unlike Boiling Point, which is made out of metal.

The waiters at Uniboil told us they don’t offer rice with the pots and only offer rice noodles….. these noodles fell apart instantly in the hot broth and were extremely slippery and difficult to get back into our bowl.

I went with the SiChuan Spicy broth with Angus beef.  You can see how they give you more meat here.  The broth tastes like typical SiChuan hotpot broth.

Besides beef, there is imitation crab, one corn, and some fish tofu.

Bunny had the Lamb pot with SiChuan soup base.

Same imitation crab meat, fish tofu, real tofu, and one piece of corn.

The broth was salty, we didn’t really need soy sauce, and the ma la peppers made the broth quite numbing.

I spread out the beef to cook evenly.

I thought the broth was too oily.  The potions here are smaller than boiling point.

The service was particularly poor when we went.  I had to ask a few times for extra bowls and for the check.  I talked to multiple waiters, I spoke Chinese and English, but they seemed confused with my request.

We tried Uniboil and it confirmed that I love Boiling Point so much more.  Uniboil tastes like your typical Chinese hotpot.  Instead of going to Uniboil, I would go to little sheep for the all-you-can-eat hotpot or our favorite Sichuan hotpot in the area, Lao Zao.  The prices are good here, and there is a promo to get the 2nd pot half off if you order 2.  Each pot is only a few dollars cheaper than Boiling Point.  You can tell this place is a knock off of Boiling Point, but like most knock-offs it is similar but misses the point completely.  They tried to make the famous garlic soy sauce from Boiling Point, but they missed the mark, the hotpot broth tastes pretty basic Chinese, the portions are smaller, even though they try to give you more meat to make up for its faults.  Like a fake Rolex, it may look the same and display the time, but the quality, ingredients, and soul is not there.  Our friend let us know of a few other Boiling point knock-offs in the area and we will be trying those too.

500 N Atlantic Blvd #127,
Monterey Park, CA 91754

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