Bestia | Artist District | Los Angeles, CA

Bestia | Artist District | Los Angeles, CA

Bestia is a super popular italian joint in the art district. some time back in October, i made a reservation for December for 3 ppl on opentable because that was the earliest reservation i could get. reservations for 2 ppl were even harder to get, so i did 3 ppl and was planning jus lying about the 3rd person not coming. im sure you can call or just walk in to get an earlier reservation, but i hate calling and waiting.

a few days before the reservation, my friend from SD told me he was gonna be in town the day i had the reservation for bestia.. it was perfect i already had a reservation for 3 ppl and i didnt even have to lie about the 3rd person not showing up.

Blood Orange Wit. Refuge Brewery. Temecula. USA

cocktail menu was a little disappointing. mostly gin, whiskey, or bourbon drinks and i never drink whiskey and bourbon. i picked a gin drink and it reminded me why i rarely drink gin either. they have an extensive wine menu which i didnt see til later.

The Gambler – gin. house made pomegranate sorbet. orange aromatics. lime. served long over crushed ice.

Calamari alla Plancha – warren pears. endive. watercress. charred shiitake. chili oil. apple balsamic.

Pan-Roasted Chicken Gizzards – roasted beets. belgian endive. aged capra sarda
im usually not a big fan of chicken gizzards, but i really enjoyed this dish. the texture of gizzards was rather meaty, soft than ‘crunchy’ and it wasn’t gamey at all.

Roasted Marrow Bone – spinach gnocchetti. crispy breadcrumbs. aged balsamic.
ok, but the butter was really overpowering.

Stinging Nettle Papardelle – mixed mushroom ragu. poached egg. crème fraîche. nutmeg. fried nettles
nothing too special

Rigatoni – housemade prosciutto. tomatoes. cavolo nero. whipped burrata. pickled fennel seed. marjoram.

Cavatelli alla Norcina – ricotta dumplings. housemade pork sausage. black truffles. grana padano.
def the best pasta dish outta the three.

overall the food was really well made and pretty tasty, but im not sure if it was worth the 2 month wait. the service was really really slow; we didnt have the patience to wait longer for desserts. they also suggest eating family-style so all the entrees didn’t come at the same time.

2121 E 7th Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Phone number (213) 514-5724

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