Hot Star | Rosemead | Los Angeles, CA

Hot Star | Rosemead | Los Angeles, CA

We’ve tried Hot Star all over the world from Taiwan to Indonesia to now LA. Hot Star originated from Taiwan at the famous ShiLin(士林) Night Market, they are a fried chicken joint famous for their Huge  Da Ji Pai 大雞排… aka Big Fried Chicken steak. We have pictures when we visited taiwan, but I’m still a bit late on that post! We were ecstatic to hear that they opened up a location in Rosemead, not too far from where we live in the 626. Did I mention we bought a house here? So we’re definitely permanent Californian residents!

It’s a located in a of seedy location off of Garvey.  Next door there was a homeless dude staring at us the entire time.  The interior is clean and bright.

This was a wednesday night and it was not too busy.

People were in good spirits enjoying their fried chicken.

They have a minimum credit card requirement of $10 and it just so happens their Large fried chicken is $9.99!  Personally I think it’s a big on the expensive side, but it’s a big ass chicken steak.

You can choose how spicy you want the chicken to be.  Of course we choose the spiciest option available.  Chicken comes to you in a paper bag with some plastic gloves.

Crispy fried goodness.

Bunny watching as my hairline goes up and my stomach gets bigger.

It took some time for the chicken to come out because it is fired to order.  The chicken came out piping hot.

I wasn’t a big fan of how there is some bone towards the bottom of the chicken.

The chicken is great, fried, crispy, hot, and tender.   Price point is a bit high, $10 for one large piece of chicken!?!? That’s like 3 at KFC or popeyes!  The Bones in the chicken is disappointing, I don’t recall seeing bones in my chicken in Taiwan.  The Trash cans were a mess, and the girl at the counter did seem bored.  But they just opened and hopefully they can address those issues.  Hopefully they can work on the price point.

I would come back, since I love my fried chicken.
Hot Star
7540 Garvey Ave
Ste C
Rosemead, CA 91770

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