Ladurée The Grove | Los Angeles, CA

i was super excited about Ladurée opening up in LA because i just hadn’t had good macarons in LA and i missed Ladurée so much. i work one block away from bottega louie and their macarons are garbage. i can make way better than them.

Ladurée is def one of my fave macaron shops. i would say the texture of their macarons are the best out there. im super happy that out of the 5 locations in the US, now LA has two! There is another one just opened up in beverly hills.

i rarely wait in line for anything, but i waited an hour in line for Ladurée this time.. and they work super slow… not sure ill do it again, but i am craving Ladurée as i am writing this post. the grove location also serves food and pastries other than macarons.

i think they have 14 flavors in total. they were out of 2 flavors, so i got the other 12. they dont give you a free box if you buy less than 12, only paper bags. i remembered the NYC location gives you a box if you order 6. i could be wrong tho.

if you love macarons and haven’t tried Ladurée, i would def recommend it!

Ladurée The Grove
189 The Grove Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone number (323) 456-0282
Business website

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