How to Make Hong Kong Style Black Milk Tea | Boba | Recipe

3 cups of water
9 Lipton black tea bags
7 Ceylon black tea bags – ceylon tea gives a more smooth taste, but not as dark as lipton black tea
Whole Milk or Black & White evaporated milk

Put 9 Lipton black tea bags  + 7 Ceylon black tea bags in a pot with 3 cups of water.
Reduce the heat to low heat when it starts boiling and boil for 10 mins.

Turn off the heat and let it cool down.

After the tea is completely cool down, pour the tea through a filter. I am using a tea sock in the picture.

I like my milk tea milky, so i usually make my tea vs milk ratio to be 1:1.
I pour half cup of tea then pour half cup of milk, then add sugar to taste. I usually put in 1.5 spoon of sugar.

Hong kong style milk tea uses black and white evaporated milk, you can use whole milk instead. They both taste great.

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