SHUHARI Matcha Café | Venice | Los Angeles, CA

went to checkout SHUHARI Matcha Café in venice beach today. we got the Matcha Azuki Parfait and iced Kinako Matcha Latte.

Matcha Azuki Parfait – the matcha of the matcha ice cream didnt taste as strong as i would like and it didnt taste like they used good quality matcha. they also used canned red bean paste which tasted super sweet.

Kinako Matcha Latte – again, matcha didnt taste as strong/rich as i would like and i dont think they used high quality matcha for this drink. the kinako was super overpowering.
Kinako: Traditional Japanese toasted soy powder with nutty rich flavor high in protein

Will we come back: No.

SHUHARI Matcha Café
1522 Abbott Kinney Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90291
Phone number (424) 238-8324

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