Shan Cheng La Mei Zi | Chong Qing Hot Pot | Rowland Heights, CA | Los Angeles

shan cheng la mei zi is a chong qing hot pot chain from china. ive had a few it a few times in beijing so i was excited to check it out.

we went on a Friday night around 8pm, a lot of people were waiting outside. we waited about 30 mins and filled out the order sheet while waiting. they had both outdoor seating and inside seating. i think the place used to be burger king.

after we got seated, we went to the free snack bar and sauce bar to grab some snacks and sauces. our favorite snacks are the fried sticky rice balls with red bean paste inside and the White fungus with lotus seed and red dates soup.

we ordered 九宫格火锅 nine squares hot pot. you can put your food in sections so its easy to track of your food and cook the items separately. the pot came with a big chunk beef fat inside. legit chongqing hot pot is beef fat based. the animal fat locks in the flavors better than vegetable oil. we got medium spicy which wasnt super spicy but still satisfying. the medium spicy here is less spicy than the medium spicy at Chengdu Lao Zao Hotpot 成都老灶火锅

we ordered:
Plum juice 酸梅汤 – you get a free pitcher of Plum juice if you pay cash. too bad we didnt have cash, otherwise we couldve saved $8
Sliced lamb leg
Tofu skin – 油豆皮 – i love this with my spicy hotpot
Chong Qiong Tapioca noodles – 重庆苕粉 – highly recommended!
Fresh sliced beef
Vegetables combo – 茼蒿,菠菜,大白菜,油麦菜
Mushroom Combo – 金针菇,鲜鲜菇,蟹味菇,杏鲍菇
Mountain Yams – 山药

the food quality was good. comparing to our favorite hot pot joint, Chengdu Lao Zao Hotpot 成都老灶火锅, the beef fat in the soup base was probably less, but still very good and i feel healthier. it’s less expensive than Chengdu Lao Zao Hotpot. our bill came to be $90 and we were super full and we didnt even finish our food. we usually spend $110 plus at Chengdu Lao Zao Hotpot. plus all the free appetizers and snacks, shan cheng la mei zi is definitely a better deal.

shan cheng la mei zi is now our top two hotpot joint in LA.

will we come back: fuck yea

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