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currently live in Los Angeles area. this blog has a collection of restaurant reviews, food adventures, traveling and more, focusing on LA, boston, NYC, and virginia areamade in china, raised in beijing, spent my teenager years in bedford, ma, graduated from syracuse university double majoring in accounting and finance, worked as an accountant in boston for 4 year, just moved to LA and seeking a new career. ive always been interested in arts from photography to designs.

i am no expert. never taken any courses on food, wine, photography, or anything related. i am biased because food is personal and simply a preference. i am not a fan of all pretentious bs. food should be fresh, simple, honest, straightforward, available, and most importantly enjoyable. im not a critic; i have a psychological connection with food that isn’t based on any refined tastes but simply an association between food and warmth and love. growing up as an only child with divorced and career driven parents, somehow the idea of having a family meal became my picture of happiness.

 i appreciate all good food from fine french/italian to mcdonald’s ice cream cone to my grandma’s cooking. Extravagant tasting menus with unfamiliar ingredients open my eyes, but I appreciate more of the very well-made simple dishes that really tell about a culture and a story like Cacio e Pepe for the romans, beef noodle soup for Taiwanese, or zha jian mian for us Beijing’er. They don’t necessarily have mind blowing flavors, but they are the basic things that define who we are and always go back to no matter how great that tasting menu was. my mission is to find that best ‘bowl of beef noodles’ as opposed to eating at every michelin star restaurant in the world (although i would love to).

this blog is a memoir. that moment i shared with that someone at the dinner table whether its porkbelly, a friend, family, an ex, or a stranger, that conversation after that bottle of wine or that that rude host ruined my nightthat moment we all reached orgasm in our mouth together, that celebration and the toast, that laughter, that argument, that hundred dollar tip, that drunk friend and whatever happened afterwards, that dirty look when i busted out my dslr, that similarity i shared with a total stranger, that story behind that dish, that long walk on a hot summer night… all started or ended from that dinner table. food is bigger than food.

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La La: Software Engineer, Freelance Photographer, born in Beijing, raised in Boston, MA and now resides in Los Angeles California.
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